Thattukada, Health & Beauty & Sale Promotion

Safari, the well-known hypermarket group in Doha have started new promotional offers. Offers include "Thattukada Food Fest, "Health & Beauty Promotion", "Sale up to 50% off Promotion" etc.

To stimulate your taste buds with nostalgic taste feelings, safari has started thattukada festival in bakery & hot food division. More than 75 wide variety of food items are arranged in this festival. It Includes Nostalgic tasty items including Thattudosha,Irachiputtu, Porotta, Poth Curry, Kappa Biriyani, Killippalam Kozhi Porichathu, Tharavu Kumbil Curry, Nadan Njandu Curry, Meen Mulaku Curry, Koonthal Rost etc. will be showcased in this food fest.

Film Actress, Anchor, Model Ms. Swetha Menon will inaugurate the Safari Thattukada Festival at Safari Mall Abu Hamour on today 1st November at 5.00 pm along with Radio Suno 91.7 fm RJ's

Safari, the well-known hypermarket group in Doha have started new promotional offers. Offers include "Thattukada Food Fest, "Health & Beauty Promotion", "Sale up to 50% off Promotion" etc.

Thattu kads is designed in such a way that it will remind the customers about the real thattu kada. Old film posters, Radio songs etc. are arranged in a vehicle. We got the inspiration from the fabulous comments that we received in the previous year from the customers. So this year we have arranged all the dishes that available in each and every thattu kada's located in all districts of Kerala. This offer is available in Safari hyper market at salva road and Safari Mall at Abu Hamour from 1st of November.

Also Safari has started sale promotion with 50% prize discounts. This offer avails the customers 50% discounts while purchasing branded items like Brand Shirt, T-shirt, Trousers, Jeans, Suit etc. in Gents wear division and Saree, Chridar, Chridar Materials, Abaya, Ladies Western Wear etc. Also this offer is applicable in Kids Wear, Ladies & Gents Foot Wear etc. Customers can enjoy this promotion in all outlets of Safari from 1st of November onwards.

Safari has started "health & Beauty promotion" by providing innovative changes in the life style to avoid deceases and maintain fitness and beauty. This promotion includes products in cosmetics, fitness and electronics division. For protecting the natural beauty by using the natural beauty elements, we have arranged a wide variety of collections of international brands like Dove, Nivea, Parachute, Enchanteur, Fair & Lovely, Olay, Romano, Loreal etc. Also a wide variety of health & fitness products are also arranged under one umbrella. Apart from this electronics branded items like Burar, Philips, Panasonic,Clickon, LG sports & fitness equipment's are also available in a discount rate.

Above all, the new fabulous promotion in which the customers can win 10 kg gold is introduced in all safari outlets .There will be 5 lucky Draws in this promotion and 2 KG Gold will be awarded to the winners. There will be 4 winners in each lucky draw. The first prize winner will be awarded by 1 kg gold, 500gm for second prize winner, 300 gm for third winner and 200 gm for the person who is coming at the forth position. The second lucky Draw will takes place at Safari mall located at Abu Hamour on 10th December 2018. Any one can participate in this event through the lucky draw of coupons which they receive while purchasing for every 50 Riyals goods.